Thursday, February 5, 2009


So since I get to design plug-ins, guitar pedals, and rack gear all day, I get to spend a lot of time playing with and testing new effects. I've been spending most of the last 6 months on a product we just announced called PitchFactor which is a guitar pedal that has pitch shifting delays along with it's other goodies. While I was testing at home one day, I got bored with the usual guitar input and decided to fire up the trusty old Korg ES-1 and run some drums through the PitchFactor to see what I could see.

I started with a drum pattern:

As I've already mentioned, I love distorted drums, so I patched the ES-1 into a Epiphone Valve Jr -> Weber dummy load I have wired into the patch bay to get this sound:

Then finally patched the PitchFactor in between the two and started tweaking...

As you can hear, I had a lot of fun. This is all from the HarModulator effect, which includes 2 pitchshift voices with feedback delays and modulation. This allowed me to sweep the pitch with the pitch knobs, create stutter effects with the delay and feedback, and pan between all those sounds with the various mix controls. Tomorrow I'll show you what I did with the output of this jam and the song that resulted from it.

Till Next Time,


  1. Hello, just discovered your blog and added it my reader pronto. Nice work.

    Question: how do you create your mini players? Super, super cool.

  2. Hey Man, cool,

    I'm glad you're digging it.

    I got the music player from 1pixelout

    I agree it's cool, and easy to use. The actual download along with a tutorial is at: