Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MicroSong Fail

So Folks,

I've been failing at my own blog... But if you're going to fail at something, it might as well be your blog.

Anyway the good news is I have actually been spending some time working on music, so sorry for the delay, but we're back to our regularly scheduled programming.

One thing I always wished I was better at was orchestral composition. I love the way the each instrument in an orchestra has it's own part, but the congregate of all those instruments has a wholeness that makes it sound like it's all coming out of the same giant instrument. That sound isn't as present in a lot of more modern music where we make sure everything has is place and is very distinct. After all, we wouldn't want anyone to get their feelings hurt.

Ultimately, if I were really interested, I suppose music composition is the sort of thing they teach at schools. However, I usually go for something a lot closer to the trial and error technique. The above is an example of such an experiment.

It started with me playing around with the Malstrom synth in Reason. This is another synth I've never really clicked with, but have been trying to get more use out of recently. I spent some time and got this scraping textural patch dialed up on it, and mated it with a synth bass loop I had. I was digging the overall sound so I dialed some drums using some fun samples of an 808 recorded to cassette tape I got from GoldBaby and ran that through Logic's Guitar Amp "Pro" and a filter bank plug-in that have for some crazy sounds. I dropped a kick in and that's what you hear for the base of the track.

Next came the fun part of building the orchestra. The orchestra stuff in here is still a work in progress, but so far I'm using 15 NNXT samplers all loaded with sample sets that shipped with reason. I'll spend some more time talking about that part tomorrow and since it's all Reason stuff, maybe I'll post the .rns file as well.

Till Next Time,

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