Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MicroSong Audience Participation

OK Folks,

I'm gonna be looking for some audience participation on this one.

Here's another Transit161 song I've been working on for a little while. It's kind of an upbeat maximal electro style tune, because screw that minimal shit, sometimes you just want to dance. The problem I'm having is that along with the Kick, Snare, Bass, and Lead parts I've been playing with a pad to fill in some space in the upper registers, but I'm having the damnedest time figuring out if I like it or not (not usually a problem for me). I've gone back and forth with different pad sounds and parts, but I can't tell if the sound gives a nice contrast to the driving beat, making the song drive harder; or if it just releases all the musical tension being built in the song, making it boring. So below are 3 versions of LunarEclipse, first without the pad sound, then with the pad sound, then with the pad sound cranked. They all start at slightly different points and have other small changes, but let me know which you like best (if any of them at all ;-) ).

LunarEclipse No Pad:

LunarEclipse Pad:

LunarEclipse Loud Pad:

Just some notes on general production. This song was written using Ableton Live and Reason rewired into Logic which is my usual method for composing. Even if I start in Reason or Ableton I always end up rewiring them into Logic on my macbook, it ends up making a great portable studio. Kick drums is from Reason sent through some outboard compression and distortion, bass is currently coming from Thor though it might be replaced. The two leads are actually both from the free softsynth Crystal which isn't bad but horrendously processor intensive (in ways it seems it shouldn't be). The other drums are a loop that has been chopped up in Live. The Pad actually comes from my Korg MS2000R run through my Eclipse. Finally the flanged out sound at the end came from an effect I built in VSig on my H8000, I'll probably end up putting that sig file into a future build.


  1. The second one with the quieter pad is the best.

  2. Thanks,

    Yeah, I tend to agree with you. I think sometimes you just need a couple of days to let something sink in a little bit. The other thing that popped out at me after a bit of a break is the need to sit down and really mix this track. Hopefully I'll get a chance soon and that will be a follow up post.