Thursday, January 22, 2009



Welcome to MicroSong.

I'm starting this blog hoping to explore some new ideas in music publishing.

My name is Dan Gillespie and I've been writing and recording music for about 12 years. I do this because I think it's fun and why the hell not. I do like my music related job, but I have no desire be a rock star or go endlessly touring. Because of this I've ended up with many gigabytes of either full or half baked musical ideas over the years that I may or may not get around to finishing, but will almost certainly never bother to package into an album and try to sell, but would still be fun to send out into the ether. I'm hoping this blog can help me solve that problem.

I'm also hoping that this blog can open up a conversation on song writing techniques and I/we can all share a little bit about our processes and ideas. Much attention is payed to the performance art of musical performance, but I'd like to see this as an opportunity to see and talk about the performance art of musical composition. To that end I'm hoping to get a couple of my friends to make some posts on here as well and hopefully we'll be able to see some songs evolve from initial musical idea to completion. If an album is like a book, the pieces of music posted here will very much be analogous to blog posts, rapid publishing of whatevers coming out of my musical mind.

Hopefully this idea will appeal to more than just me, and if you find yourself getting a kick out of it, I hope you'll join in. Perhaps even publish your process here as well.


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