Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goodbye Bush, Mission:Accomplished

Here we go.

This is an art/ambient track I wrote on the plane on the way to the NAMM show last week. About a year earlier I had downloaded an audio copy of GWB's famous Mission Accomplished speech. The original concept was to cut it up, maybe put some Nixon or something else in there, and generally make him sound like a fool.

Unfortunately, once I started playing with it, just listening to the sound of his voice pissed me off so much that working on it wasn't fun and it was pretty clear he didn't need my help to sound like a fool anyway. While listening to the speech I just wanted him to go away.

So having some down time on the plane to LA the week before Obama's inauguration I found the file again and thought since he is finally now going away, it's be nice to write a piece that would sort of erase him from my mind. Have him just fade away............

Anyway, that's the basis for this piece, I don't expect anyone to ever listen to it twice (that's actually kind of the point), and mad props if you make it all the way through once. But it is fun to hear him just sort of glitch out and eventually fade away.

Made using Ableton Live and Reason on a plane. President Bush in his own words. Most of the glitching came from Audio Damage's Automaton although there are some manual glitches closer to the beginning for effect.


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