Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Analog Kick Drums


Here's where we get into the meat of what I was hoping this blog would be. Here's something I banged out last night on the bus ride home. The basic concept was to try to make a kick drum preset using the subtractor analog modeling synth in Reason. I never really use that synth, because honestly I've never really been a fan of the sounds I could get out of it.

That being said, this kick drum suits me pretty well. I did layer with a sample to get the beater sound which is almost always missing from synth drums and some of the low lows which seems to always be missing from the subtractor synth. It's got a bit of that basketball in the gymnasium sound, but that's not always so bad and I may tweak that out later anyway.

Well there you go, it's an intro, and hopefully it'll turn into something soon.

Till Next Time,

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