Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hey Hey Hey...

Just a note to say that Isaac's show Monday night rocked. Really good stuff, so if he's coming to a town near you check him out. He also mentioned that he's got some plans for cross posts between here and his blog while he's on the road. So look for that coming soon.

Other than that a have a small Turble music update. I've been having more fun that I thought doing this chiptune style music. Now I know, it's not real chiptune because I'm not composing on a gameboy, but I've been trying to impose the same limitations to the music as if I was. And ultimately, I think those limitations are what the style's all about.

For instance, so much electronic music involves the creation and shaping of complex sounds and timbres. However with chiptune, you can choose a square wave or a triangle wave, maybe add some quantized noise. I'm finding this limitation forces me to focus on the melody and harmony aspects of the music and play a lot with consonance and dissonance. It forces you to make the music interesting before you start to focus on the sounds, and that's a nice reminder I'll try to take with me to writing all kinds of music.

At any rate, here's the update.

I mostly just added a transition to a second theme. The final output of this is going to have to be short loops that repeat because the length of time it plays for is going to be dependent on where you are in the level. Right now, while Mark and Dan are focusing on the game itself I'm just trying to get a couple different themes together than we can loop in the background and maybe some transitions between them as well. This repeating of short loops can have the tendency to make the music monotonous, but I think I have some tricks up my sleeve that will make it more interesting while you're playing the game.