Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Author...

Hey Folks,

When I started MicroSong, the concept was to publish the process of writing a song by sharing with you the results of each step of song writing process and in doing so hopefully start a discussion about the process of song writing. Part of the way I've wanted to do that is by bringing in some songwriters that I know and having them share with you their process as well as my own.

Well I want to let you know that here at MicroSong we don't discriminate* and song writing isn't the art who's process is worth exploring. To celebrate that we're adding another author.

As I mentioned in the last post, my good friend Mark Marianelli is working on a flash game called Turble, and publishing it in a similar manner to the MicroSong concept and he wants to share some of the process of that games development here with us. He's also a very good cartoonist and may be sharing some of that with us as well. So, welcome Mark.


*like Big Pun, we regulate every shade of the ass

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